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Cilantro Lime Quinoa and Chicken Dinner

  I love an easy to prepare dinner. This is a cilantro-lime quinoa dish with chicken that my kids love. I was given the recipe by my best girlfriend from college. This recipe feeds my entire family. I typically chop up Logan’s chicken and mix it all together so he eats all of it. 1/2 […]

What do you eat before you workout?

I tried Anti-Gravity Yoga at my gym this week and I have to say: It was a lot of fun! I felt a lot of stretching which was definitely needed. For the entire hour, you pretty much do stretching and strength training with fabric suspended by bars. My favorite part was hanging upside down and […]

Grilled Mahi-Mahi Cilantro Lime Marinade

I love grilled fish. LOVE. Grilled fish tacos are my favorite food ever. This marinade would work great for fish tacos. I buy my Mahi-Mahi from Trader Joe’s, in frozen small cuts. It is a lot cheaper and I don’t feel like I have to eat a ton of it. You also can grill the […]

10 Steps for Successful Weight Loss

1. Increase your water intake. Research indicates that just adding two glasses of water to each meal can help you lose more weight and sustain that weight loss. To calculate how much water you need according to your weight and height, click here. 2. Switch up exercises. Sometimes weight loss can be hindered by a […]