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Favorite Stretches for Preventing Injuries!

IT IS IMPORTANT TO STRETCH. Enough said? For most, it probably isn’t. It took a painful injury to fully convince me that 30 minutes of stretching each day is crucial in long-distance running. Here are the 4 most important stretches that cured me from a hip and knee injury: 1. Quadricep Stretch- bend your knee […]

New Game Plan

This past week, I had a great conversation with my friend who is an expert marathon runner. She gave me some awesome advice for half-marathon training and I ended up deciding to change my game plan. I am on a completely NEW training schedule. One that includes a LONG run (this week is a 10 miler!) once […]

Intermittent Fasting

I read an interesting article on intermittent fasting this morning by Dr. John Berardi. Intermittent fasting dieting requires fasting for either one or two 24 hour periods each week. So, he did a 6 month experiment to see if he could lose more weight and body fat by this technique. He found that intermittent fasting didn’t […]

Getting Healthy

As much as I prefer talking overall health, not focusing solely on weight-loss, I think it might help someone to hear my story. Being a healthy weight really is very important. Being overweight can carry numerous health consequences such as high blood pressure, joint pain, fatigue, etc.  Both pregnancies I’ve had, I’ve gained about 50 […]

Now Go Run!

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to get out there and run. I have been having problems the past few days with waking up at about 5 am, expecting my kids to need me, and they are sound asleep. It’s kinda awful. This morning, I felt totally no energy to run. Reading this NY […]

Hey Half-Marathon, Here I Come!

  I used to be a runner and I loved it. That whole “Running is like chocolate- it’s addicting” stuff totally applied to me. I was in looove. Then my hip got injured and per doctor’s orders, I had to scale back. I’m not sure what made me remember how much I missed it, but I […]

A Healthy Mom

Being a healthy mom is work. HARD work! My definition of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t involve “stick skinny” sizes. Healthy involves eating the right whole foods your body needs to have energy and a high immune system, as well as getting adequate exercise. Exercise, both cardiovascular and strength-building, is important! Being healthy takes planning. You must plan […]