New Game Plan

Don't Give Up. Running Exercise Motivation

This past week, I had a great conversation with my friend who is an expert marathon runner. She gave me some awesome advice forĀ half-marathonĀ training and I ended up deciding to change my game plan. I am on a completely NEW training schedule. One that includes a LONG run (this week is a 10 miler!) once a week with a group of other moms. It will be great to 1) Start training outdoors and 2) Have others to pace myself with and learn from. So I’m trashing my old schedule.

Planning my schedule has also got me thinking about my diet and what I need to be eating to fuel myself before a big race like this. I have written down a few things from what I have read online that have stood out to me: 1) Lunch the day before the race will be my most important meal for energy and should probably be a white pasta (I read this will help me not have to make any potty stops). 2) Make sure to have a light dinner the day before the race. 3) Breakfast on race day should be at least 2 hours prior to start time. 4) Don’t eat any foods that are different to your regular diet in the week prior to racing. 5) Take food with you for fuel. I’m not sure what I will take. I’m so glad I have a few months to figure this all out. I still have a ton of questions as to diet, so this list will definitely be growing as weeks go by.


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