Beach Camping Trip 2013

For the past few years, I have taken my kids to the beach for a week of camping with close friends and family. It is absolute heaven! We wake up to a beautiful sunrise and a morning run with the jogger stroller on the beach. The air is so fresh and easy to breathe.


Then, we spend our day in the sand, hard at work building sandcastles and examining sand crabs.



Occasionally, we take turns burying each other in the sand.




When we get back to camp, we scooter the beach, play sand volleyball, enjoy dinner and a beautiful sunset, and then roast s’mores on the campfire.



Some of my favorite memories from our beach camping this year:

1. Logan singing to us every time we got in the car. The kid has lungs! He also insisted on taking his spiderman helmet everywhere we went, as well as wearing mismatched flip flops.

2. Our last day, we went and got salads for lunch. Sitting there eating, my friend and I realized we must look homeless. That was a good laugh. The poor people sitting next to us!

3. Arielle walking EVERYWHERE. She did get a few mouthfuls of sand, unfortunately. She is Little Miss Independence and her waddle is beyond adorable. Also, babies in swimsuits are so yummy.

4. Coming home and taking the kids to see Monster’s University. Logan is now insisting on a MU themed birthday party. The brainstorming has already begun and I think it’s gonna happen!

5. Logan ASKING me to go to bed. That. Never. Happens. EVER. (Fist pump!)

6. Cuddling with my babes by the campfire while having some of the best conversations with some of my favorite people.

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