Intermittent Fasting

I read an interesting article on intermittent fasting this morning by Dr. John Berardi. Intermittent fasting dieting requires fasting for either one or two 24 hour periods each week. So, he did a 6 month experiment to see if he could lose more weight and body fat by this technique. He found that intermittent fasting didn’t work better than other diets in losing weight but it did help more with maintaining and also learning to mentally deal with hunger.

Maybe I am just odd, but I think it sounds fascinating to learn to mentally cope with hunger. Everyone runs into situations where they have to skip a meal. This past week, I had to help my husband at his job. I had eaten breakfast and then went to work, not thinking about the fact I wouldn’t be able to eat again until dinner. The entire time I was wishing I had of packed something, I was so hungry. To have been able to cope with that better and not think about how hungry I was every two seconds would have been awesome! One problem I ran into with his plan though is drinking green tea every few hours. I don’t drink green tea, so I would have to omit that completely. I am thinking of trying this once or twice to see what happens.

Dr. Berardi also gave 3 commonalities that this diet plan shares with other successful weight loss plans:

1. Calorie control. When calories are controlled, progress is made. They can be controlled by either eating frequent small meals or infrequent larger meals.

2. Focus on food quality. Fresh, unprocessed, nutrient-dense food is a must, regardless of which eating style you adopt.

3. Regular exercise. Exercise is a critical part of the equation in any weight loss plan.

Anyone looking to lose weight must follow those guidelines. It is simple math. There must be a greater output of energy than input of energy. It’s what I preach! Love it when I find others online who don’t claim to have a miracle gimmick to lose that last bit of weight. This is how the body works. Adhering to those guidelines makes for sustainable weight loss. It’s as easy to understand as that!

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