Now Go Run!


Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to get out there and run. I have been having problems the past few days with waking up at about 5 am, expecting my kids to need me, and they are sound asleep. It’s kinda awful. This morning, I felt totally no energy to run. Reading this NY times article became my major motivator today.

It discussed a study done by Berkley Lab, published last month in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, that came to the conclusion that greater weight loss will result from running rather than walking. Now what really sparked my interest was this study (this is probably the molecular biologist coming out in me) revolving around the discussion of greater peptide bond formation resulting in higher concentrations of two gut peptides, PYY and GLP-1, that control appetite satiation. They found increased levels of both PYY and GLP-1 right after running BUT that only PYY was elevated after walking. They explained that this could possibly be due to “the greater energy cost of the run, which was ~37% greater than the walk.” Basically, all this means is that running will stave off your appetite more than walking. Running is the way to go! And I went on my 5 1/2 mile run.






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