Mediterranean Lentil Salad (Trader Joe’s Recipe Review)


Sometimes Trader Joe’s will come out with a recipe that I just have to cave in and try. This lentil salad contains 3 easy ingredients. One package of organic cherry tomatoes, one container of mediterranean greek yogurt dip, and one package of steamed lentils.


All you do is toss into a bowl, mix and you are on your merry way! This recipe is 200ish calories per serving with 4 servings per recipe. It is uh-mazing. Like I wanted to eat the whole bowl amazing. I absolutely love it and the added bonus is all that protein you have packed in there. Lentils are 30% protein and they fiber filled, making this the perfect low-fat, high-protein lunchtime salad! Great job Trader Joe’s! This kind of creativity is why I love them!

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