Awesome Coach Gift + Yummm! Berries and Spinach Summer Salad



Tonight, we celebrated the end of Logan’s soccer season with a team pizza party. I’m so sad that it is the end of Spring Season. I love getting up early on Saturdays and going to cheer my kiddo at his game! He has improved so much, it’s incredible. His coach was especially fantastic. For his coach gift, my friend and I made a tub full of sports drinks, popcorn, and an assortment of candy. Then we added 10 movie gift vouchers for RedBox and a framed picture with a mat that each team member signed. It was adorable! Some of the names were written with letters backwards, some took one whole side of the mat- it was completely charming. The kids were ecstatic to give it to their coach!


As a side note, I just wanted to share one of my favorites of this time of year: fresh berries and spinach or kale topped with dried cranberries and a raspberry vinaigrette. Sometimes, I also add some yellow, red, or orange peppers for some crunch. Yummm!

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